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Un seul message     - Best f stop for model/glamour photography? [4622]
08-02-2018 à 07h47

Remember that you may need to adjust the aperture as you change from closeups (such as headshots) to full length shots if you want to keep the background blur looking the same. The most critical factor affecting depth-of-field is magnification. And that's affected primarily by whether you want to fill the frame with part of the models face, or you want to show her full length. But magnification is also affected by the crop factor of your camera.

With a medium format camera in the studio I typically shoot at f/11. That gives vary large DOF for full length shots, but with closeups of the face I can't get the tip of the nose and the eyes both in focus as the same time. With a 35 mm film camera, I typically shoot at f/8 and the result is similar to the medium format camera at f/11, though there may be slightly more DOF with the 35 mm. When I shoot the Mk II with a 1.3 crop factor, I need to open up to about f/5.6 in order to get a similar DOF to that of the 35 mm at f/8.

You should run some tests to see what works best for you based on the magnification you intend to use. I'd guess that you'll need around f/2.8 or f/4 to get the kind of background blur you'd want with full length shots, or shots from the knees to the the top of the head. If necessary, use ND filters as suggested, or a polarizer. Or try drapping a white handkerchief of the flash tube if you can to cut down on its light output. Also, set the ISO on the camera as low as it will go. You may also have problems with the ambient light if you are shooting at f/2.8 or f/4.

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Un seul message     - Best f stop for model/glamour photography?. [4622]
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