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18-11-2017 à 07h46

Sony announced today (10/25) a new version of their flagship A7Rii. It will have the same resolution, but with a faster shutter and processing, up to 10 fps with the mechanical shutter. One benefit of this feature is full compatibility with electronic flash for action and fashion photography, provided the flash can keep up.

The A7Riii will incorporate some of the features of the A9, including the larger, 2.25 mAH battery and the back panel controls (joy stick, button layout). It will also have the high resolution (3.84 MP) electronic viewfinder and the 1.44 MP rear LCD. The new battery in the A9 gives remarkable battery life, because the A9 consumes only 40% of the power of previous models. (I recently shot 400 images in the course of 3 hours at Chicago Botanic Garden, ending the day with 70% of the battery remaining.) Sony does not mention the power draw in regard to the A7Riii.

The A7Riii also has the option of pixel-shifting multi-shot imaging. This feature physically shifts the sensor under the Bayer filter so that each pixel is exposed to each of the four filter patches (RGGB), effectively tripling the resolution. This feature is found in some Pentax cameras, as well as some medium format backs.

Much as the A9 is a direct assault on the primacy of DSLRs in the field, the A7Riii seems to target medium format in the studio and for landscapes. Sony is rumored to have a 70 MP sensor in the wings. Perhaps it will appear in the A9 lineup in the near future.

For more details: video marketing

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Un seul message     - Sony Announces New Camera - A7Riii. [4187]
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