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Un seul message     - It��s the end of the [7772]
15-05-2019 à 11h15
It��s the end of the month, and one month, it��s gone. Although every day has some consciousness, every day is not without weight, but he is still quietly leaving, at the moment when I close my eyes, I am also in a moment of daze. I slipped through my fingers and slowly passed through my hair. I never reached out to hug my time. I just extended my hands to the sun every day when I saw the sun. When I had rain every day, I opened my hands. The weather is good or bad. "It's not the wind, not the cloud, but the heart." I like this kind of Zen. Every sentence has a clear feeling. It is the heart that knows the world. I walked gently from this world. Every night, I walked under the night sky, the air of empty air became the wind, and the leaves of the road, the flowers of the tung tree, fell one by one. There was no sound of falling in the quiet wind. Sometimes, a group of dancing people can be seen. They add vitality to the quiet space. Chengdu people know how to enjoy it. Such a scene must be the night scene of carnival. And I feel ridiculous. After all, we may find something meaningful in the desperate and hopeless destiny, so that we can continue. People are always looking for meaning, whether it is for the richness of matter or the thickness of the soul Online Cigarettes, or just to work hard to live, is the meaning we are constantly pursuing. Perhaps life itself is great, but there is a certain change in our hearts. It is the change of the heart that always says that by the present time, there is no need to blame yourself for doing anything, to do what you like, to be yourself. If you want to do it, you will be fine. There is no need to force yourself to do anything. But a lot of things can't be as easy as saying it. It needs to be considered Marlboro Red. When I climb to the seventh floor of the library to read the book again, the leaves outside the window are already green and ripe. The leaves are the spring past, and after the spring, summer is coming. And he soon came soon Carton Of Cigarettes. On the seventh floor, many of the sights that can't be seen downstairs can be seen, which are already high at the top of the trees. When people stand on the heights, they will be more aware of their own smallness. They need to use many things to see clearly and the high sun rises and falls every day. It is time to repeat every day. It is our life that cannot be repeated every day. In every rising and falling moon, the days of the day, the days of unhurriedness, have left marks on us and hearts, leaving memories, those who have left tears in our hearts, need a lifetime To cherish and give back. Time, the speed of slipping away, is not equal to the speed of the heart, but one day, we can draw him to the equation and rush back. The scenery that I saw was just the spring light. Although the flowers have fallen, the green leaves are like dripping water. Cui, instigating the mood, if you can dream for a thousand years between a green leaf, then when you wake up again, the scenery and geometry? I don't want the millennium to become chaotic and ignorant. I would rather watch the flowers bloom. I would rather watch the leaves change between the green and the yellow. In my heart, how can we not be a thousand years? Our only perception of time lies in those that remain in those times. Memory, and whether it is April or something else, there are some things that last forever, and they exist in the heart. When I saw the short osmanthus blossoms again, the scent of the heart is a season of plant love for the world, I am also cherished, gently extending my hands, dew on the wet fingertips, cold feeling In April, in this cold, it condenses into a picture. I don't know, whether there is a permanent master in the Promise, and it is manipulating all the natural changes in the world Marlboro Lights, and the long-term will not change. And I will be like a stone, in a corner of the world, quietly remembering that I have said too much time to me, without any sense of the words, saying that they are all around me without knowing it. Childhood and juvenile. However, looking at it today, it is a kind of fateful acquisition, one of the greatest fortune. Every day he lets me see different people, do different things, and say different things, so rich. Think about it again, there is nothing in the world, and the mediocrity is self-interested and can't help but smile. Those who have lost their sighs, isn��t that what I mean? For creation, everything is equal, there is no gain or loss, the soul has not been freed, maybe we will end this life, it is only a kind of relief, but sometimes it is considered to be slow. Time has wasted the beauty of certain fragments. Here, we should not only look at the past, but now and the future, for us, it is good. A friend once asked me what to think about a person's past? Will you care about your past love? I don't know why he asked this question. For us, the past things have passed, they have not changed, and those who have to pay for it. Moreover, with us, now, you are not living with someone else's past, the one who will be with you for the rest of your life, is accompanying you with the whole future, not with the past. Everything starts from the moment of understanding, and then everyone is free. We have no right to ask others to do anything. Because life is free and free, time has always been just passing, just passing by, and has A journey that cannot be turned back. So we can change it, but we can't regret it in the past! After April, May came, gently, still hiding in a corner, waiting for the time to arrive, suddenly stringed out, saying, this is May. The May Day has almost arrived, and the festive celebrations can be seen everywhere. In May Spring, people have already greeted them from now on Parliament Cigarettes. However, there is a tail in Hengshan here in April, moving away!

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Un seul message     - It��s the end of the. [7772]
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