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15-05-2019 à 11h15
e dishes and several fruit trees. I thought of Tao Yuanming and thought of Meng Haoran. They also lived a simple farmer life. Zhao Xudong is a diligent writer. In his beautiful writing, a piece of prose and poetry is completed from this ordinary farmhouse. I have to touch the hard work of the current peasant writers, both as a wage earner and a creator of culture. After many teenagers, reading their articles again is not a matter of personal experience, and they cannot study their ideological connotations. I expressed my blessing to him and his family. I also asked Yalin about some of the situations. He is still working relatively stable and is proposing garlic to an agricultural company. Now that he is in the harvest season, he is also very busy. Every day, he has to go to the countryside to study and investigate the cultivation of farmers. The meager salary has to pay the rent and pay the children tuition. They are the inheritors of rural culture and the sowers. Their spiritual work is also subject to social respect. I seem to see that Yalin has finished her work every day, and she has to go to the street to buy food and buy food, go home to cook, and his role from the company's business promoters to become a model husband, the pillar of a family. In the evening, I still write until late at night. Diligently talented, suffering the truth. I wish them a better and better life in the fight against self-improvement and destiny. When we write more than ten points a year, we went to Shenze County. Xudong led us to visit Ms. Wang Yingran, Chairman of the Federation of Literary Federation of Shenze County. It is a very low-key writer with literary achievements Parliament Cigarettes. Her poetry and prose have certain accomplishments. She and others have written national awards for scripts. I am really touched and acquainted with her. She is very quiet, her tone is very calm, her mind is deep, her knowledge is profound, just like her neighbor's big sister, she has no shelf, and it is also a cultural person in my eyes. She said that the emotional situation, I remember on the spot can carry a lot of verses of historical celebrities. Nearly 50 years old, I am full of passion for young people in life. Really, in front of Ms. Wang Yingran, I saw the direction of my future efforts, including talking and acting. Later, we met Wen You, Hai Jing, and the director of the micro-film director Gao He. After we talked, Ms. Wang Yingran gave her recently published "Pampering the True Feelings" and "Crushing Flowers and Flowers" edited by the Shenze Writers Association to us Cigarettes For Sale. I opened her collection. I saw a paragraph she wrote at a glance. street. I told Ms. Wang Yingran that it was really good because I just finished my autobiographical prose "Old Street" last night. She said that let me bring it next time. Ms. Wang Yingran said that the article she wrote is to write the pure things of life, to write the positive energy of life, and to inspire people to educate people. Yes, I have already felt the name from "The Grass and Flowers". Yes, this is the party that we should learn from and learn from. Shenze is a treasured place with a long history of culture. Wang Yingran knew that I was engaged in the study of loess culture and deliberately contacted the person in charge of the Temple of Literature Online Cigarettes. Because the Temple of Literature only has a market open to the public, it satisfies our desire to visit Confucius. Then take us to the Arctic. Ms. Wang Yingran gave us a guide all the way, while giving us a guide. I sincerely saw her love of hometown culture and understanding of customs. Along the way, we told us about the beautiful legends of our hometown. I saw the importance attached to the cultural project by Shenze County, and also saw the achievements in the maintenance and protection of the cultural relics. The protection of the Millennium Temple in Confucius Temple is very good in Shenze County. I don't think that the local government's hard work can't be separated from the ancient people's respect for ancient culture in the millennial ancient city Marlboro Lights, especially the culture like Wang Yingran. The elite's love and inheritance of traditional culture. When I knew that Qi Haijing and Gao He planned to plan the birth of Confucius on September 28 Carton Of Cigarettes, I felt the purification and edification of the ancient culture to the soul. I thought of my hometown. When Raoyang has a poem, can it be rebuilt and repaired? Liu Yalin said that if it is possible, after returning to the relevant departments, it will reflect and call for the reconstruction of the Book of Songs. This is the root of Raoyang culture. Yes, we have seen Raoyang��s gap in the protection of historical and cultural heritage. I will certainly reflect it according to the procedure. I hope that the poetry platform of Raoyang will soon be restored and established. It has not only met new literary friends, but also inspired our urgent desire to attach importance to historical and cultural heritage. I once wrote the appeal article "Economic development, culture must go first", Raoyang, when will you rebuild the Book of Songs? If there are literary friends coming to Raoyang, I will take them to visit Mao Tomb and the Book of Songs. However, an inscription has not yet been established. Our flowers are placed there as a Raoyang person. In the face of the verses of the ancestors that have been passed down for generations, they are still silent in today��s loess. The propagator of the Book of Songs, Mao Hengmao, also married the later sons and grandchildren. Not?

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Un seul message     - e dishes and seve. [7771]
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