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26-02-2019 à 04h24
On the latest edition of Billieve: A Buffalo Bills Fan Podcast , host John mportant topics pertaining to the Buffalo Bills, including ESPN’s re-drafting of the 2018 NFL Draft, and Buffalo general manager Brandon Beane’s assessment that the team is in a “better” position than it was last year heading into the draft.After being briefly joined by co-host Anthony Marino to offer up their thoughts on last weekend’s two exciting conference championship games, Boccacino delves into ESPN’s hypothetical re-drafting of the 2018 NFL Draft, which saw Buffalo trade up twice to land its quarterback of the future in Josh Allen, and its quarterback of the defense in Tremaine Edmunds, In the re-draft, where trades weren’t allowed, Buffalo ended up with another Josh at quarterback...Josh Rosen, along with center Billy Price, running back Rashad Penny, and tight end Hayden Hurst. Not a bad class, although in an informal poll of Bills fans, 87 percent opted to keep Allen and Edmunds over a class of Rosen , Price, Penny, and Hurst. Following a breakdown of what Buffalo could do with the No. 9 overall pick, one of 10 selections for the Bills in the upcoming draft, Boccacino addressed an interesting report from ESPN that the Browns wanted to make Sean McDermott their next coach in 2016, only to have owner Jimmy Haslam overrule the committee and hire Hue Jackson instead. Check out our podcast for thoughts on these topics and more on the latest Billieve: a Buffalo Bills Fan Podcast.SoundCloud iTunes Google Play Stitcher TuneIn Podbay PodfanaticSubscribe, rate, and review our Buffalo Rumblings podcast now and leave your comments below. You can also download an MP3 version of the podcast by signing up for a free account at SoundCloud. We’re looking for feedback and want to hear from you!Poll: Which quarterback should start for the Buffalo Bills? It’s time for the Buffalo Bills to decide on their starting quarterback. With three preseason games in the books, including their “dress rehearsal”, we’ve seen what we need to see. Sean McDermott should call the competition and get the team thinking about facing the Baltimore Ravens in the season opener. So who should play under center in that one? Here are the options, their pros and cons.Josh AllenPreseason stats: 24/44 (54.5%), 210 yards (4.8 YPA), 2 TD, 0 INT Buffalo Bills T-Shirt , 7 sacksThe rookie’s dramatic rise has been the story of Buffalo’s preseason, but Allen fell back to earth on Sunday when the Bengals handed him a reality check. The argument for Allen can be summed up as: he’s clearly the most talented quarterback on the roster, and before long he’ll earn the starting job. Why not now?For two games, Allen played well within and without the structure of the play, and he can make magic that the other passers couldn’t dream of. But his slow processor stood out behind Buffalo’s offensive line and against the talented Bengals defense.Nathan PetermanPreseason stats: 33/41 (80.4%), 431 yards (10.5 YPA), 3 TD, 1 INT, 2 sacksFrom a statistical standpoint, Peterman runs away with the trophy. In three games, Peterman’s put up a statline that even beats Jeff Tuel’s infamous rookie preseason.While the other quarterbacks have struggled behind Buffalo’s offensive line, Peterman’s quick trigger and ability to roll out of the pocket have kept the offense moving every time he entered the game. Now in his second year, Peterman looks like he put his rookie year demons behind him, and he’s playing with confidence under center.The downside with starting Peterman is that he doesn’t have enough arm strength to run the full menu of plays Buffalo would like to use. He missed a couple pick-sixes by the skin of his teeth this preseason Buffalo Bills Hats , and he needs to put his whole body into throws to put any mustard on the football.AJ McCarronPreseason stats: 10/16 (62.5%), 128 yards (8.0 YPA), 0 TD, 0 INT, 2 sacksIf the plan was to start the most experienced quarterback while holding down the fort for Josh Allen’s development, then McCarron should be the starter. With four accrued seasons and four full games played in 2015, McCarron knows what the NFL requires.Where the situation is hazy is what we’ve seen recently. McCarron had a strong first game with the second string, but played four straight three-and-outs with the starters against the Cleveland Browns, and missed Buffalo’s third preseason game with a shoulder injury. He’ll probably be healthy enough to play in the concluding game, but will he be able to wrest the spot from either Peterman or Allen at this point? Maybe not, unless this was the plan all along.So, who do you think should start when the Bills face the Ravens in week one of the season? Vote in our poll below, and share your thoughts in the comments!

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Un seul message     - Boccacino leads an engaging discussion on several i. [7469]
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