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11-02-2019 à 08h21
Saints in Week 9 in a battle of the NFC’s best to this point.To get a better sense of the Saints and what they’re doing in 2018 , I linked up with Chris Dunnells of Canal Street Chronicles, the SB Nation community for Saints fans.Since 2006 when Sean Payton and Drew Brees arrived, you guys have had one of the best offenses in the NFL. What makes the 2018 offense different from some of the others? And how much of it is just down to Drew Brees being Drew Brees...and how long can that last?Defensively, things aren’t quite as stellar. How is the defense taking shape, and what are the major concerns heading into the second half of the season?Losing DE Marcus Davenport is obviously a huge blow , but how is the rookie class coming together? Any late-round or UDFA impacts?At this point, developments around the NFL begin to revolve around the playoffs. What do you need to see from the Saints over the next two months to feel good about your playoff run? What aspects of the team will determine whether or not you guys succeed in January? Given the state of this game and the caliber of our two teams whether or not you see those aspects materialize on Sunday, it obviously leads into the state of affairs in the postseason. So what maybe do you want to see on Sunday that you haven’t seen or haven’t seen enough of from the first seven games?Drew Brees, who now holds the record for the most passing yards in the history of the NFL, turns 40 in January. Sean Payton is now in his 12th season as head coach of the Saints. How much more gas is left in the tank? I know Brees is under contract for next year and having a hell of a year Youth Aqib Talib Jersey , and Payton signed that five-year extension in 2016. But much like the New England Patriots with HC Bill Belichick and QB Tom Brady, it certainly seems from the outside like Payton and Brees probably ride out together whenever that may come. When do you think that will be, and what will set the stage for it? Will it be a Super Bowl and a Peyton Manning-like exit on top, or do you think they’ll both push the pedal until there’s nothing left?Thanks to Chris for the time.Turf Show Radio S10E30: Week 5 (@ SEA) recap 2:32: Asshats!3:35: Joey went to a Chicago Cubs-themed party8:38: Rob-o starts his recap of the game after being there in person14:02: This was NFC West football16:45: Standout players. Joey: CB Marcus Peters. 3k (18:04): K Cairo Santos. Rob-o (19:10): WR Robert Woods22:16: Joey’s report card29:10: “This is a defense that has given up 85 points over the last three games...”35:15 McVay’s Brass Balls鈩?8:00: “Is the juice worth the squeeze?”40:15: “Every single fan base is looking at the Rams and looking at McVay and saying, damn Womens John Sullivan Jersey , I wish that guy was our head coach.”42:13: The Brandin Cooks hit and why 3k thinks it’s the most fascinating play of the season56:31: “The brutality has been there for decades.”1:00:10: Jared Goff would be a horrible host1:02:15: The only video games Jared Goff plays are golf video games to get better at actual golf1:04:43: “Thassa Haggar!”1:08:15: Rob-O joins the Cooper Kupp ClanThe show is now on iTunes, Art19 and Spotify too.

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Un seul message     - The Los Angeles Rams are taking on the New Orleans. [7395]
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